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Mark Warda has been a Florida attorney for over forty years. He received his BA with Honors from the University of Illinois in Chicago and his JD from the University of Illinois in Champaign. He also studied law at the university of Oxford, England and studied German in Cologne and Spanish in Barcelona.

Mark worked for Chicago Title Insurance Company before opening a private law practice specializing in real estate, land trusts, and business law. While practicing law he noticed that his clients had problems they would not have had if they had known something about the law before they came to him. In 1983 he started to write and publish self-help law books to provide legal advice at a lower cost than personal consultations. His first book was Landlords' Rights and Duties in Florida and his first printing sold out quickly.

Mark has taught numerous courses on various aspects of real estate law and lectured to the Continuing Education Division of the Florida Bar. He has served on the Florida Bar's Land Trust Committee, which drafted the Florida Land Trust Act, and was vice-chairman of the Land Trust Committee of the American Bar Association. He is the author of Land Trusts in Florida which is in its tenth edition and Land Trusts for Privacy & Profit which explains how to use land trusts in all 50 states (Third edition.)

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